The blog will be fill of advice, humor, family, and well life as a brave modern day Knight!

In this world at this time there are Villains, Witches, Warlocks, Ogres, Werewolf’s, Vampires,Fair Folk, and Knights. Alright before you click that button that takes you back to the last page you went to, just give me a chance!

Many people think the world can not be magical or like a fairy tale that there is no real Cederella’s or Snow White’s, They are wrong on many counts. Have you ever met a person that after spending a couple of hours with you feel drained and tired, emotionally and physically? Those people are Vampires, they just don’t have fangs or a fear of garlic.

What about the ones who switch personality’s like the sun and the moon switches places in the sky? Those people are Werewolf’s just not the furry drooling kind. See my point?


This blog will be about those magical people and how you deal with those sorts while I give you my own life in a very colorful town of Bwca Oaks, A place where people work hard and each are magical in there own ways.

HaroldHarkenKnight. ❤